Ordinary Girls by Jaquira Diaz

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

This lover's holiday I took my husband to Savannah, Georgia for a book festival. The author line-up for the free festival on Saturday, February 15th was packed with amazing women authors.

My goal was to see Jaquira Diaz and Kiley Reid author of Such a Fun Age (review to come), luckily we arrived early enough to hear Tea Obreht author of Inland (I haven't read it but excited to read it now that I heard her talk).

Review of Ordinary Girls

Jaquira Diaz's memoir is about growing up in Puerto Rico and Miami Beach with her abusive mother and passive father. She walks through the pain from her childhood, her racist grandmother, and her violent brother. She tells you of the friendships that she made throughout the years. The friendships that made her strong and the ones that broke her. She gives you the beauty of Puerto Rico and the suffering of her Miami Beach community. Ms. Diaz gives you her pain and how she pushed through it all. It's a heartbreaking story but it's a story of resilience that we all need to learn from.

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