The Legacy of Orisha Continues

Tomi Adeyemi gave us another imagery filled epic adventure in CVV. The intricate ways she describes the characters and the landscape moves me so much. I love her attention to detail.

During this wartime, so many emotions are in play. The Maji continue to fight for their lives but when they realize their oppressors have magic things start to get very complicated. Relationships are up to the test and new alliances are formed.

Mama Agba continues to be my favorite person in this book. Tomi does such a fantastic job of connecting you to the matriarch of these young people. Her strength and wisdom undoubtedly keep you wanting so much for the Maji clans.

While reading, I wasn't fully connected to the main characters they started to frustrate me so much throughout this book. I guess that makes for good writing.

I'm definitely looking forward to the third installment of the Legacy of Orisha.

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